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Henry Hargreaves Shows

2019 Budapest, Hungry. Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism. FOOD PLAY – contemporary food photography and styling Food Scans.

2020 Birmingham, Alabama. Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. A LA CARTE: A VISUAL EXPLORATION OF OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD. Power Hungry and Burning Calories.

2018 Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo Israel. No Seconds

2018 Washington DC, USA. The Smithsonian National Museum of American History Food History Festival. Food Maps – USA

2018 Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington on a Plate. Birthday’s that will never come.

2018 Gdynia, Poland, ‘Overload” exhibition, Polish Design Week, MRE to Michelin

2018 17th China International Photographic Art Festival, Zheng Zhou. Milly.

2017 Los Angeles, USA. EEEEATS con. Coffee Cups of the World

2016 Berlin, European Month of Photography festival, The House on Lützowplatz (Hal), Power Hungry – Syria

2016 Vevey, Switzerland, Alimentarium museum, No Seconds

2016 Berlin, KWADRAT Gallery, Power Hungry

2016 Philadelphia, Eastern State Penitentiary, No Seconds

2015 London, British Museum of Food, Gingerbread Art Galleries

2015 Rome, MAXXI National Museum for Contemporary Art, No Seconds

2015 Wanaka, Festival of Color, Food Maps, Burning Calories, No Seconds, Food of the Rainbow

2015 New York, TEDxManhattan New York Times Theatre, Ready for Dinner

2014 New York, Air Circulation Gallery, Power Hungry

2014 Seoul, Ulsan International Environment Photography Festival, No Seconds

2014 New York, Dylan’s Candy, Gingerbread Art Galleries

2014 Sun Valley, Under the Influence of Rock ‘n Roll, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Band Riders

2014 New York, Vice Magazine photography show, Dic Cakes

2014 New York, Wallplay gallery, Wu Tang Clan cakes

2014 Genoa, Palazzo Ducale, No Seconds

2013 Philadelphia, Made in America Festival, USA Black, White, Gay

2013 Miami, Art Basel, Gingerbread Art Galleries

2013 Venice, Venice Biennale, No Seconds and Comfort Food, Retrospective of careers work up to that point

2013 New York, Bushwick Open Studio, Food Maps, Band Riders